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The job required a mercenary with a deft hand.

The task itself – retrieving an important document from a visiting Rashugal noble – wouldn’t be difficult at all. Alvin always had confidence in his skills. However, the time frame was limited, and he would need to find the right approach. He soon found his answer when he happened to overhear a panicked waiter talking to the maître'd of the Sharilton inn's restaurant.

A short while later, Alvin strode into the Sharil manor like he owned the place and casually slung his arm around Jude’s shoulder. “Hey kid, want to help make some extra gald for our travel fund? It won’t take long. We’re not leaving until tomorrow anyway, right?”

Jude, who knew the mercenary’s tone of voice well, nevertheless was not as suspicious as he should have been. “What do you need me to do?”

“Well, actually it’s not just you.” Alvin grinned across at Milla, who had just entered the room and was giving the two men a quizzical expression. “The lovely lady Milla could help us out immensely as well.”

“I’d like to hear what you’re planning,” Milla replied. And with that, curiosity dragged them both into Alvin’s carefully laid trap.

Within half an hour Jude stood in a back room of the Sharilton inn’s kitchen, smoothing down the waistcoat of an expensive-looking butler’s coat. “You didn’t say we’d have to dress up,” he said, brushing his hands self-consciously through his hair. It had been gelled up and parted in a way he wasn’t used to.

Alvin shrugged his shoulders. It was a bit disturbing how well the mercenary cleaned up. He looked completely natural in his own butler outfit. “Uniforms are just part of the job! Besides, the way I see it, it’s a perk.”

When Jude looked confused, Alvin grinned and winked just as the ‘perk’ arrived. Milla appeared from behind a curtain, arms folded over a maid uniform with a very short skirt. Her normally windswept hair was wrapped up into a tight bun.

“This outfit is quite restrictive compared to my usual one,” she remarked, tugging at the strings of her bodice. “Jude, do you think I look appropriate?”

Jude began to turn slightly pink and turned his head to the side. “I... You look amazing, Milla.”

Alvin continued to grin like a hungry cat. “What, no discussion of her curves this time?”


Fortunately for Jude, their conversation was interrupted by the maître 'd entering into the room. “Thank you so much for agreeing to work on such short notice,” the man said, sounding very relieved. “All you have to do is memorize the customer’s orders, bring them to the cook, and then bring the orders back to the table.”

“Don’t worry. We’re up to the task.” Alvin slapped Jude on the back. He refrained from repeating it with Milla, because she’d probably decide to return the gesture hard enough to dislocate something vital. “Just leave everything to us.”

The next hour was filled with enough orders for curry rice, Amango tea, and set lunch B to make Jude’s head spin. He had a fairly good memory, but the customers were relentless in their orders and never seemed to be able to make up their minds on the first try. Several of the customers also seemed to want to order more than it was physically possible for one person to eat. Running around the restaurant gave him an incredible workout.

Jude was returning to a table with a tray of cheagle steaks in one hand when it happened. There was a scream from halfway across the room. Jude turned around to find... a tablecloth suddenly bursting into flames, smoke spiraling towards the ceiling.


Panicked people began to scream and race for the exits. Jude pushed past them as he ran in the opposite direction, only to find Milla calmly standing near the blazing inferno.

“Milla! Are you all right? What happened?”

He looked around for some way to put out the flames, but Milla was already ahead of him. She calmly raised a hand and cast Splash over the burning tablecloth. The fire went out, but the water drenched everything in the surrounding area as well.

“Alvin said he wished for me to provide a “distraction” to the people at that table,” she then explained in an even tone. “I settled on using Fireball.”

“You what?” Jude stared at Milla, then turned to Alvin who was standing nearby.

The mercenary shrugged, though he at least had the decency to look pained by the whole ordeal. “That’s really not the kind of distraction I was going for.”

Jude’s expression changed to something more suitable for finding Leia stowing away in a barrel. “Do I want to know why you thought any kind of distraction was necessary?”

“Nope.” Alvin’s easy grin reappeared. “But at least it was successful. Our great Lord Maxwell never does anything halfway, after all. I... whoops. “

His voice suddenly cut off, but it was soon obvious what had caught his attention. The maître 'd was storming angrily across the inn lobby towards them, clearly having seen who was the cause of this incident.

“What are we going to do, guys?” Jude began, but there was no answer. He turned around. Milla and Alvin were nowhere in sight. Actually, that wasn’t true - Alvin’s coattails were just disappearing out the front door. The mercenary stopped momentarily to turn back and and wave to Jude. “Sorry kid, something’s come up! Settle things for us, okay?”


But the door shut, and Jude’s protest was cut off by a hand on the back of his ruffled collar.

One long interrogation by the Sharilton guards later, Rowen finally came to Jude’s rescue and escorted the depressed med student away from the premises, promising to pay for the damages. Needless to say... it took a while for him to be on speaking terms with Alvin again. Milla, meanwhile, having gotten used to the maid outfit and taken a liking to it, was quite content with the day's events.

And that is why our story's heroe is banned from Sharilton's Inn.
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Based on some other character ones floating around, I made a set of Persona 4 meme emotes for Plurk. Feel free to use and share.
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As many who have transferred from Livejournal have likely discovered, Dreamwidth doesn't handle tables very well. This means that when custom comment pages are off, table code made for LJ will look incredibly ugly here on Dreamwidth.

The reason for this is that Dreamwidth's code doesn't allow for table backgrounds in the same way LJ does. For profiles, this is unfortunately absolute - as far as I can tell there's no work-around. However, tables can be made pretty again in entries without custom comment pages with some tweaking. All it requires is a change of code.
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